I am working on a portrait based project aimed at decreasing stigma and raising awareness of the complex issue of suicide.

As someone who has attempted suicide in the past, I know that the psychological effects on myself and those close to me are long-lasting. However, these traumas have brought my family and I into a deeper personal understanding. Additionally, this project has helped me connect with those who’ve gone through similar experiences; corresponding, meeting and photographing these individuals continues to be a cathartic and intriguing adventure.

If you are someone with a connection to suicide and you’re willing to be photographed/share your story with me, please send an email to jilesmolina@gmail.com. Alternatively, if you know someone who might be interested, I'd ask you to send them a link to this page.

Please note: You do not need to be someone who deals with suicidal thoughts or has attempted suicide in the past. Family members, friends, psychiatrists, therapists, everyone/anyone with a link to this particular struggle is absolutely welcome to share their experiences and take part in the project.

If you are interested in seeing how the portraits will be displayed, please send me an email so I can show you the visuals I’ve created so far.

I am looking for individuals in/around London, UK and Vancouver, Canada.

Thank you for reading,

Jiles Molina