I am looking for people with a connection to suicide. I myself have been dealing with suicidal thoughts for years, and have found myself hospitalized more than once. If you would be willing to share your story with me and have your portrait taken, please send me an email at jilesmolina@gmail.com. If you know someone who might be interested, I'd ask you to send them this information.

Please note: a subject's identity can be kept confidential. Names can be withheld and faces can be turned away from the camera. You also do not need to be someone who deals with suicidal thoughts. Family members, friends, psychiatrists, therapists etc. who have a strong connection to this particular struggle in the mental health community are absolutely welcome to share their experiences.

I am looking for individual in/around the Fraser Valley of BC, Canada and London, UK.

Thank you for reading,

Jiles Molina


Artist statement:

As someone who has been previously hospitalized for suicide attempts, I know that the hurt caused to those around me and myself will always be there. Through these traumas, I have been connecting with individuals of all ages and walks of life. It continues to be a cathartic and intriguing experience.

The photographs I'm creating is my attempt to decrease the stigma and raise awareness to the complex issue of suicide.